Decorative Postforming Laminates

Airolam postforming laminates are the best sources of making the corners look seamless. They bend up to a radius of 6mm! Vertical and horizontal applications without loss of grain or pattern, complemented by qualities like malleability and ductility make them the perfect and desired choice for various applications. Moreover, post-forming laminates prevent water seepage. Such laminates are also available in 0.7mm thickness in wood, solid and abstract patterns.


Available size: 1220 x 2440 mm

Key Feature


IMPACT Resistant

Our surfaces can withstand heavy impacts such as that of hammers.


Moisture Resistant

Water or moisture have zero impact on our surfaces.


Scratch Resistant

No need to worry about sharp objects ruining your surfaces.


Stain Resistant

Airolam laminates come with stain-resistance properties which makes them a suitable choice for areas like kitchens, labs, hospitals, restaurants, and so on.