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Product Description:

Phenolic Backer Sheets are used as a surface covering material in conjunction with high pressure decorative laminate and a substrate such as particleboard to balance the assembly. It is sold in various thicknesses to match the thickness of the high pressure laminate. Backer Sheets are phenolic laminates that are intended for use as a balancing sheet.

Product Composition

Backer Sheets are manufactured in various thicknesses and consist of sheets of saturating kraft paper impregnated with phenolic resins. An assembly of these papers is then placed in a press and bonded under heat and pressure into a thermosetting plastic sheet. The finished sheets are trimmed and sanded to provide a good bond when applied to a substrate.


  • Provides balancing characteristics
  • Provides protection from the effects of humidity

Sizes Available: 1220mm x 2440mm | 1220mm x 3050mm