Digital Laminates

Product Description:

Airolam’s Reflections, true to its name is collection of Digitally printed Laminates which brings but the artist in you to your interiors.
Now be it your favourite landscape shot or be it picture of your child’s first step or your company brand logo or your personal take on creativity for spa, cafe, bars or a retail space all this can be turned into beautiful laminates to adorn your interiors truly reflecting you.


  • Give superior print quality
  • Deliver single linear structure across two or more continuous sheets without breakage of patterns
  • Colours are delivered with unparalleled precision
  • Designs inspired out of the latest trends in parallel interior products like wallpapers, upholstery and paints
  • Application areas are wide and expansive
  • Sizes Available: 1220mm x 2440mm

    Thickness Available: 0.7mm to 1 mm