Compact Sheets

Product Description:

Airolam Compact is a solid grade, load bearing laminate. It has inner core of celluloid fibers impregnated with thermosetting resins which are resistant to atmospheric and chemical agents. It provides superior mechanical properties to impact resistance. It can be applied on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Airolam Compact Laminates are manufactured in various thicknesses, adequate to eliminate the use of a substrate, and are useful where flat and free standing panels are required for decorative purposes. Airolam Compact is usually used for furniture, partitions, cubicles, paneling, transportation vehicles and areas with higher cleaning and hygiene requirements.

Airolam Compact Laminates are just the right choice for both horizontal and vertical applications where the surtace should be functional, durable and also decorative, especially for Panelling, Lab furniture, Worktops, Modular restroom cubicles. Produced under strict process control parameters, they are available in various thicknesses (varying from 6mm to 30mm) and various sizes. And also come in a wide range of spectacular colours to suit your needs and tastes.

Decorative surface papers are first soaked in melamine resins. Next, they are pressed over Kraft paper-core sheets. These are then bound together with thermosetting resins, to be cured at a pressure of 17.5-21 Mpa and temperature of 150° C. The finished sheets are finally trimmed and the Airolam Compact Laminates are ready for use.


  • Provides good dimensional stability and flatness
  • Provides self-supporting function
  • Resistant to frost and heat
  • Easy to clean
  • Physiologically safe
  • Meets stringent hygiene requirements, surface edges can be disinfected
  • Resistance against organic solvents
  • Low electrostatic charge-up
  • Easy installation, space saving and easy to process
  • Low smoke emission


  • Kitchen-tops
  • Doors
  • Table-tops
  • Office
  • Laboratory work-tops
  • Various counter-tops such as front desks
  • Office partition and wall panels
  • Wall and floor decoration material
  • Material for interior decorations
  • Protective screen against damp, frost rain, sunlight and termites
  • Railway compartments
  • Switch boards
  • Washroom partitions
  • Washroom lockers and strips for decorative purposes
  • Well suited for wet area applications such as shower cubicles or swimming pool lockers, but are not recommended for applications involving long term immersions

Sizes Available: 1300mm x 2800mm | 1300mm x 3060mm | 990mm x 2130mm

Thickness Available: 2.0mm to 25.0mm