Anti Bacterial Laminates

Product Description:

Airolam Antibacterial Laminate is intended for application where there is a need for additional protection of the surface against bacteria. A very special resin formulation is applied over decorative surface paper to achieve high degree of bacteria growth resistances. The decorative paper is impregnated with the special Melamine resin and assembled with several layers of phenolic resin treated kraft paper and pressed under 90Kg/sq cm specific pressure and at about 150°C temp for about 30 to 40 min. Mainly uses in health sectors like Hospitals, Pathological labs, nursing homes, medical research and also in the areas where bacteria can spread rapidly like public buildings, toilets, catering facilities, swimming pools, changing rooms, fitness facilities etc. Domestic bathrooms and kitchens in private households may also be the place of uses.

Whenever Bacteria comes in contact with Airolam Antibacterial laminate surface, antibacterial chemical physically penetrates the bacteria cell wall and, in the process, essential function of the micro-organisms gets disturbed and bacteria multiplication is stopped and the bacteria die. Airolam antibacterial surface reduces bacteria by more than 99%. The examination of the long term effectiveness of Airolam anti-bacterial products with antibacterial treatment found positive results in all different test variations:

Effectiveness – Lab determination of Anti Bacterial Activity using ISO 22196 shows 99.99 % reduction in bacteria within 24 hrs of Contact

The Anti Bacterial substances used are free from halogen substances

Longevity – The Anti Bacterial properties are effective as long as the product life

Modular office furniture

It is easier to maintain as frequent cleaning is not required. Moreover, lesser quantity of disinfectants is required

The even distribution of Anti Bacterial substances ensures effectiveness throughout the Laminate surface


  • Hospitals & Health care facilities
  • Kindergarten, Nursery School
  • Kitchens Labs
  • Lounges, Rest rooms & storage rooms
  • Restaurant
  • Public transport & corridors

Sizes Available: 1220mm x 2440mm, 1220mm x 3050mm , 990mm x 2130mm

Application Area

  • Vertical
  • Horizontal