Airolam is a multi-brand laminate manufacturer founded in the year 2008 in India. In just over a decade, Airolam has established itself as a household name in laminates under the tutelage of leaders such as Shri Pravin N. Patel, Shri Suresh Patel and Shri Mahesh Patel. Airolam has over 10 brands that cover the entire range of the laminate and panel industry’s product portfolio with several designs, sizes, finishes & applications. The development of such a diverse portfolio of products has only been possible by the stunning response from users from all around the world. Airolam’s skilled manpower, intelligent marketing strategies and innovative production practices have enabled them to grow into a powerhouse manufacturer known for its high quality products. With a desire of creating a legacy of exceptional surfaces, Airolam is still taking immense strides in the right direction based on a foundation of great quality, consistency, innovation and satisfaction.


As a responsible and path-breaking company, Airolam aims to…

  • Keep developing new laminates, which excel in quality and affordability
  • Focus on technological advancements to facilitate better production
  • Go above and beyond the existing quality, design & safety standards
  • Put customer satisfaction at the forefront of its approach


Airolam has an unwavering vision of becoming a company that supports sustainable and environment friendly practices. Airolam envisions reinventing its product range based on the ever-changing trends that capture the attention of people worldwide and create a comprehensive dealer network to ensure users have easy access to their products.


Airolam takes pride in being a company that is environmentally and socially responsible company, which uses efficient resources to deliver the best to the customers. At every step, we are committed to providing growth opportunities to our employees and facilitate the mutual growth of our company and associates. We are a company that focuses on being successful in an ethical and cooperative manner.


Since its beginning, Airolam has reiterated its commitment towards maintaining above par quality. Airolam follows international quality standards such as USA’s NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturer Association) and United Kingdom’s BS – 1406.

In every step from the initial steps of production to the final point of delivery, Airolam has developed a system of Quality Control that has become an elite example in the industry. Airolam only uses design papers imported from European & Japanese manufacturers, A-grade virgin kraft paper and world class technology for sanding. Such extra-ordinary practices to ensure quality standards remain excellent throughout have allowed Airolam to be awarded several quality certifications. Airolam has been awarded the ISO : 9001, ISO : 14001, Green Label, Green Guard.